Chad Huffman, Director of Megatrax’s Broadcast Division, presents 20 minutes worth of time-saving tips for making the most of

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Here are some key takeaways from this valuable presentation:

  1. Click on “View All” next to Featured Playlists on the homepage to access the full list of our subject-specific playlists curated by our in-house Music Directors.
  2. When viewing albums under “Browse Volumes,” you’ll notice that each album cover has a small Play button on it that allows you to play an audio montage of the album.
  3. Access our Live Chat function by clicking on “Find it for me” on the home page to communicate with our in-house Music Directors. They can help with any kind of search, but they also have a private database with additional search parameters that can help find tracks that evoke popular artists and songs. (Our Hot Trendz playlist features things along these lines, too!)
  4. Under “My Megatrax,” you can change your password and preferences and search defaults, as well as see which catalogs you’re licensed for. Changing your search defaults to search only within your licensed content will ensure that your search results will always be things you can use.
  5. Create a “Project” under “My Megatrax” to create an annotated playlist you can share with your colleagues and clients. You can generate a custom hyperlink for the Project, which will allow you to share it with non-licensed individuals for review.
  6. Add notes to any track you’re auditioning, and you can access all of your notes under “My Megatrax.”
  7. Narrow your results under “Search Tracks” by using the “Show Exact Matches” in the right-hand column. This works to refine searches for keywords or phrases to exact matches, but it also works to narrow searches for a combination of genre, mood, instruments, etc.
  8. Use “Well Known Tunes” under “Search Tracks” to find public domain, holiday, and popular tunes.
  9. Play the audio montages for each catalog under “Catalogs” to get a feel for the personality of each of our 14 catalogs.
  10. Narrow what you’re looking at under the albums in any catalog by using the “Music For” drop-down menu to see only the albums within that catalog that apply to your theme.
  11. Check out the Megatrax Blog for information about Megatrax and the music industry in general. The blog features content from our owners, who are composers, our in-house musicologist, and more.
  12. The “Support” tab on will take you to a page that includes several tutorial videos and contact information you can use to seek help.
  13. With the exception of downloading music and accessing the “My Megatrax” section, the entire site is accessible to the public, so non-licensed colleagues and clients can see almost everything licensed clients can.