Expert social media strategist and trainer Leona Laurie offers a 5-step process for direct or indirect monetization of your web presence.

monetize your web presence webinar

leona laurie megatrax webinarLeona Laurie is a marketing professional who has been helping individuals and organizations harness the power of blogs and social media to accomplish their business and marketing objectives since 2006. Her background in traditional marketing and PR, combined with her understanding of how to use new media strategically, are the foundation of a thriving consultancy based in Southern California.

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Here are a few of the key takeaways from this valuable presentation:

Step 1: Setting Intentions/ R&D Phase 1

  • Decide how you’d like to monetize your web presence
  • Clarify exactly who you are trying to reach
  • Set your timeline- 6-12 months
  • Determine objectives for audience growth/engagement

Step 2: Critical Audit/ R&D Phase 2

  • Compare yourself to your top 3-5 competitors 
  • Review your data collection processes

Step 3: Execution

  • Bring your web presence up to the industry standard
  • Engage, engage, engage! Get engaged with your audience!

Step 4: Analysis

  • Weekly-Monthly reviews of progress

Step 5: Monetize

  • When your online audience crosses your set threshold for growth or engagement, leverage it!