A Complimentary Webinar from Megatrax featuring Frankie Pine & Mandi Collier from Whirly Girl Music & Randy Hart, Creative Services Director for Aircast Music

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Here are some key takeaways from this valuable presentation:

Randy Says:

  1. Choose the music first. Try choosing your music first. It can be a great shortcut and template on what the related copy and/or video should be.  Instrumentation, rhythm and tempo might suggest a different angle or viewpoint from your initial concept.
  2. Designate a single point of contact. If a music decision is to be approved by a committee, designate a single point person to work with the music house. This person will understand the needs of the group, but will navigate through the personalities and politics to ensure an efficient and satisfactory process.
  3. A dated sound can “break” a production.
  4. Referencing production music tracks in the planning stages can help clarify what the production needs.
  5. Try a contrarian approach. Sometimes the unexpected (if properly chosen and executed) can have greater emotional impact.

Frankie & Mandi say:

  1. Do your research before pitching tracks for a production. Know your audience when sending ideas. If you have Producers that lean more towards a certain genre or sound, take that into account and don’t send something too indie if the decision maker prefers an organic, classic sound.
  2. Pay attention. When pitching ideas, sometimes it’s more effective to pay more attention to the specific scene/big picture instead of musical descriptions that are given to you. These descriptions can often contradict each other, so although you should include options that fulfill these requests, also include those that may not, but still work really well with the scene.
  3. The music business is about friendships– build real relationships to ease placing music. Some folks aren’t afraid to take a chance on an unknown. New songwriters and artists have been some of the biggest successes on Nashville!
  4. The Film & Television Music Guide lists music supervisors and composer agents.
  5. Production music can save the day when a production needs a “sound-alike” track.